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Honeywell Access Control 

Quantum Star Security is a leading distributor of Honeywell Access Control in Dubai. Honeywell Security Systems are a world class systems made from technology designed and engineered in USA, manufactured in different parts of the world. 

Honeywell Access Control in UAE is one of the most leading products that QSS represents. 

As a leading developer of access control solutions, our range of products varies from single door access control and standalone web-hosted access control to integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points globally.

Key advantages of access control In the event of an emergency, not only the future of your business but people's lives hang on the reliable functioning of access control systems. This combination of cutting-edge technology, open access and strict security is precisely what Honeywell  Access Control solutions offer you

Honeywell Access Control Solutions


Integrated Security Software


Honeywell’s WIN-PAK 4.8 software solution provides a cost-effective way to integrate and manage access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection through a single interface. Building upon WIN-PAK’s legendary and robust workstation-based management system, WIN-PAK 4.8 provides an intuitive browser-based interface allowing users to perform common access control actions from virtually anywhere.

WIN-PAK 4.8 can be easily scaled from a single site up to a multi-region, enterprise-level solution without placing restrictions on the number of users or sites being managed. WIN-PAK 4.8 supports third party integrations such as HID's Mobile Access®, BioConnect® Suprema® and Morpho biometrics, point-ofsale systems, visitor management, and HR applications. Using the included WIN-PAK API, your software developers can create custom integrations to meet your integration needs.

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WIN-PAK 4.8, WPX48, WPS48, WPP48


Hybrid Access Control Panel


Honeywell’s web-based NetAXS controller provides solutions for installations of any size. NetAXS-4 enables users to securely manage their system anywhere there's an Internet connection—with no dedicated PC costs. The user-friendly design makes it simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. NetAXS-4 gives you all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping you secure your doors, manage employee access, and manage sites remotely. It also lets you pull reports easily to meet compliance requirements. With a browserbased interface, your learning curve and training times are significantly decreased. No dedicated software required—simply log on and you're ready to go, securely—from the office or anywhere. NetAXS-4 has been developed with an installer-friendly design that easily adapts to existing IT infrastructure and methods. This means reduced installation and support. Plus, NetAXS-4 integrates with Honeywell's fully-featured WIN-PAK Integrated Security Solution to enable more robust and sophisticated NetAXS integrations. So as your system grows, NetAXS grows with you.

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NetAXS-4 - Web based


Professional Series Access Modules


The PRO3200 professional series family of access control modules is designed for high density installations. Supporting up to 16 readers per enclosure and 32 readers per intelligent controller along with up to 100,000 card capacity provides a combination of small installation footprint and superior cost per door ratio.

The PRO22R1 provides I/O support for one card access reader, while the PRO32R2 supports two card access readers. Both interface with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC). In the event that communication to the intelligent control module is lost, the card access readers can be individually configured to allow entrance based on security needs. This customization allows for a door to be configured as locked, unlocked, or access only via valid facility code.

The PRO32OUT interfaces with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC) providing up to 12 or 16, Form C, 12 VDC, 2A relay output controls depending if the board is rack or tile-mounted and power fail and panel tamper when tile mounted. Relays may be used for elevator control, status annunciation and for general facility control, such as door monitoring.

The PRO32IN interfaces with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC) providing 16 supervised alarm inputs and a dedicated power fail and panel tamper when tile mounted. An analog to digital converter samples the input values and the digitized result is filtered and processed. Filter parameters are configurable for each input point, resulting in the ability to specify a custom End-Of-Line (EOL) resistance value, sensitivity range and timing parameter.

The PRO3200 Series of access modules are designed to accommodate various mounting options. Units can be mounted in a rack configuration (PRO22ENC1, PRO22ENC2 and PRO22ENC5) when space is limited, or in a tile-mount configuration (PRO22ENC3).

  • The PRO22ENC1 is a wall-mounted enclosure rack unit

  • The PRO22ENC2 is a 19" rack-mounted enclosure rack unit

  • The PRO22ENC5 is a rack unit which fits inside a customer’s enclosure

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Proximity Card Readers


Honeywell’s OmniProx™ family is a complete line of 125 kHz HID compatible proximity readers that delivers outstanding and consistent performance in a small package with attractive styling and colors to fit any décor.

All OmniProx™ readers (except the OP90 & OP95) include three bezels: black, charcoal gray and ivory and are constructed with rugged polycarbonate materials potted for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The OmniProx™ family of readers combines unique functionality, highquality engineering and design for a variety of applications in the electronic access control market.

OmniProx™ readers offer superb reliability and consistent read range. Installation is simple and fast with a mounting template included in all models.

Increased security functions like optical tamper and security screw prevent unauthorized users from removing the reader from the wall or attempting to compromise the system.

For locations that require a proximity reader to be able to withstand vandal-prone environments, the OP90 & OP95 vandal resistant readers are an ideal choice.

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Contactless Smart, Multi-Technology and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Readers


OmniClass from Honeywell is a range of 13.56 MHz contactless secure smart card readers that offers superb reliability, consistent read range and ease of installation. They are available in several sizes and each OmniClass reader incorporates smart card technology allowing multiple applications per physical card and optional mobile credential capability.

OmniClass can retro-fit any Wiegand output reader, including standard HID® or Honeywell proximity readers. Smart card technology is ideally suited for access control, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, secure ID’s with embedded tamper-proof digital photos, ePurse and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read/write cards.

Leveraging HID’s Mobile Access™ platform, OmniClass now offers optional Bluetooth® capability allowing users to use a compatible smartphone as a credential. Readers can be ordered in either mobile-ready (ready for mobile credential use except mobile keys are not loaded) or mobile-enabled (mobile keys are loaded and enabled for use with mobile credentials) configurations.

Multi-Technology Functionality
To make it easier for customers to transition to a smart card system from a 125 kHz prox card system, the range includes options that can support HID Prox, EM4102 and AWID proximity technologies. These multi-technology readers work with all technologies simultaneously and will allow the user to transition to smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities. Whether reading proximity, mobile, smart or multi-technology credentials, identical user identification data formats are sent to the panel, keeping the data transparent to the user.

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