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Access Control Systems by Bosch 

Your choice for a reliable security solution

Access Control is a key pillar of today’s security. The growing need to control access to buildings and areas, more flexible working time models and the limitations of mechanical locks make a modern and reliable access control system indispensable. Bosch offers complete, reliable and scalable access control solutions for any medium to large sized application.

Why is Access Control so important?


Unlocked doors in a prison can lead to severe problems


Locked doors in case of an emergency can have terrible consequences


Locked doors in a company can disrupt employees' access to the building and hamper business operations


Access Professional Edition

Access control software designed for medium sized projects

The Access Professional Edition (APE) is an easy-to-use, scalable software for small and medium sized enterprises with high security requirements. It administers up to 10 000 cardholders, 512 readers, 16 workplace clients and 128 cameras. The modular system is flexible and grows with your needs. It can be integrated with a broad range of access and security functions, including video, intrusion and elevator management. The support of Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) allows for a bidirectional encrypted communication between reader and controller, enhancing data security.


BIS Access Engine

Access control software designed for large sized projects

The Access Engine (ACE) of the Building Integration System (BIS) is a scalable software for large and complex projects and satisfies even the most demanding security needs. It administers from 200 to 400 000 cardholders, up to 120 AMCs per Master Access Controller (MAC) and up to 10 000 doors. Furthermore, the system supports crucial features such as guard tours, random screening, elevator management or evacuation lists. Its ability to integrate third-party devices such as signature scanners or video management systems allows you to fully integrate your access control with other security, safety and building management systems. Thanks to its modularity and scalability, it allows you to systematically build the right solution to meet all your security needs. The support of Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) allows for a bidirectional encrypted communication between reader and controller, enhancing data security.

Access Modular Controller

Access control hardware application designed for medium to large sized projects

The Access Modular Controller (AMC) is an intelligent access manager for 1 to 8 readers which stores locally up to 200 000 cardholders. It is the perfect controller element for BIS ACE and APE as it has been designed specifically to work with these two systems. Thanks to the support of both RS485 and Wiegand technology, it is suitable for many different readers. The AMC has a storage capacity of 2GB and is able to carry out independent authorization checks on access points, take access decisions, control closing/opening elements and register movement events even when the unit is offline.


Readers & Cards

Comprehensive portfolio of readers and cards

Bosch offers a wide range of readers and cards, from full-featured high-end to inexpensive entry-level. Most of the models are available with or without keypad, or as biometric versions. To make sure that the portfolio fits your needs also technology-wise, both Wiegand and RS-485 are supported. Just choose the option which matches your requirements best.

Mifare classic and EV1
Mifare classic and EV1-02.png
iClass and iClass SE
iClass and iClass SE-02.png
EM and HID Prox-02.png
EM and HID Prox

Access Control Systems by Bosch

The system that grows with your needs

The Bosch access control components offer you a perfectly flexible system for medium to large sized projects. Thanks to the scalability of the hardware components – Access Modular Controllers, readers and credentials – the systems grows according to your security needs. Start out with the APE software for medium sized projects and switch later to ACE when your security requirements grow – the
hardware stays the same.

Access Control Systems by Bosch-01-01.png
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