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Variodyn d1 - EN 54.png
Variodyn d1.png
EN 54
618 - EN 54.png
EN 54

Honeywell PAVA System

Intevio - EN 54.png
EN 54

Honeywell PAVA systems

Slide 2.png

8 Speaker line out / 4 Ch Per DCS

Internal memory  / timer

Real monitoring – backup

Digital IP base

Up to 255 play priorities

Image 2.jpg

32 monitored dry contact inputs

4 Audio input (Balanced/ Un B)

Built-in 4GB SD network audio storage

Four ports Ethernet switch

Honeywell x-618 offering

Image 3.png

4.3’’ color LCD touch screen.

Simple user interface design.

two-way intercom among X-NPMI.

Digital audio signal processing.

Image 4.jpg

Multi-channel Class D digital power

Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) greater than 95dB

Nonlinear distortion less than 0.05%

Lightweight design

Forced air cooling design adopted for overheat control

Image 5.png

VARIODYN D1 offering

Image 1.png
Digital Output Module (DOM)

The Digital Output Module (DOM) is the heart of the Honeywell Voice Alarm and Public Address system Managing either 8 or 24 zones the DOM route up to 4 channels of audio from amplifiers to any individual zone or group of zone.

Image 2.png
Universal Interface Module (UIM)

Interface module enables audio or control connection to third party system such as CD players, security systems other PA/VA building management control systems.

Image 2.png
System Communication Unit (SCU)

The System Communication Unit (SCU) is an integrated digital audio memory source able to simultaneously record and play back multiple audio data streams.

Image 4.png
Class D Power Amplifiers

Combining the latest in digital audio technology with the integrity necessary for emergency Voice alarm system to satisfy the requirement of EN54 part 16.

Image 5.png
Direct Drive Power Amplifier

4-Cannel Direct Drive Amplifier 4 x 300 W or 5 x 500 W power outputs or unit providing 4 x 125 S or 4 x 250 W power outputs with integral EN 54-4 certified battery charger.

Image 6.png
PAMMI Public
Announcement User Interface

The PAMMI software provides connection and control of the Honeywell Voice Alarm System via a graphical user interface on a Microsoft Windows* based PC.

Image 7.png
Ethernet Touch Call Station (ETCS)

This EN 54-16 certified touch screen call station provides a user friendly, multilingual and multi-user interface support with high failure safety due to redundant transmission route via Ethernet (PoE possible). It includes audio memory up to 27 hour and a USB stick can be connected to play audio files as well.

Image 8.png
Paging Microphone DSCPlus

The paging microphone allows for the selection of loudspeaker zones. And the transmission of voice announcements via programmable buttons

Honeywell PAVA systems

S-6 Image 1.png
Celling Loudspeaker
  • Metal of plastic celling loudspeaker

  • Several power tapping with simple setting

  • Party dual-cone speaker to ensure best audio performance

  • Applications such as offices, warehouse, school etc

S-6 Image 2.png
Horn Speaker
  • Clear voice massage reproduction for open and outside areas

  • Offers a high sound pressure and long-lasting weather resistance

S-6 Image 3.png
Cabinet Loudspeaker
  • Simple power setting and easy installation

  • Practicable for wall mount application

  • Plastic, MDF or metal vandal proof cabinet

S-6 Image 4.png
Column Loudspeaker
  • Flat, directed sound propagation, minimized reverberation

  • Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction

  • IP65 rating

  • Great choice for theme parks, exhibition halls and any open, high-volume rooms with high regeneration time.

S-6 Image 5.png
Sound Projector
  • Wide frequency response range, low distortion

  • Robust aluminum housing

  • IP65 rating

  • Best option for applications such as corridors and railway platform

S-6 Image 6.png
Spherical Loudspeaker
  • Where  wall mount or celling mounting is not possible

  • Variable hanging height

  • 360O sound propagation

S-6 Image 7.png
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